Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wordpress Tutorial | Properly Make A Website With WordPress | Step-By-Step Video Training

Published on 16 Jun 2013
This WordPress Tutorial for beginners will show you A-Z step-by-step how to Properly build a WordPress Website that is optimized correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that will ultimately drive more traffic & customers to your site with basically nothing but free tools!

Visit the link above for step-by-step video tutorials covering all aspects of WordPress to ultimately make a WordPress website that has improved visibility online, drives more qualified traffic, customers and cash-flow!

Learn how to make a website that is ultimately is going to have proper functionality to serve you or your business!

How to Create a Custom WordPress Website - BEGINNERS

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adsense Direct Approval Trick - October 2012

How to get Google Adsense account approved easily without a website

Published on 17 Aug 2012
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Watch this video for getting adsense account through youtube

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

SEO in 2013 - What to Do (and AVOID like the plague!)

Published on 29 Apr 2013 - In this video I interview Alex Becker from, who shares his strategies for ranking websites in today's SEO environment.

Note: This video was created to show you one way someone is making it work in SEO today. There are several other methods for SEO that I will be exploring with other experts in the near future. I do not necessarily agree with Alex and his exact strategies, and although I did say I would put them to the test in this video, after some re-thinking I'll be looking at less manipulative / cheaper ways to build backlinks.

For the PDF files that Alex mentioned in the video, and also my take on this particular strategy, please visit the url here:

Design, Traffic, & Monetization: Website Success in 2013

Streamed live on 17 Jan 2013 Learn how to SUCCESSFULLY build a website and monetize it in this informative Google Hangout On Air with "Niche Website Success" author and founder, Lisa Irby.

What's discussed:

* Pitfalls of using Facebook or any social platform as your primary website

* Basic things every successful website should have

* Will Wordpress and other DIY templates put web designers out of business?

* Monetizing: Is Affiliate Marketing For You? How do you get started?

Build a Business Website in One Hour (on WordPress)

Published on 29 Jun 2012
How to install WordPress and build a basic website

Create a BEAUTIFUL Website in Wordpress - Easy!

Published on 10 Sep 2012

Learn how to create and build a wordpress website from scratch step by step with no step skipped. This tutorial will quickly help you make a website or a .com quickly and professionally. Also learn a little CSS and how to adjust some css properties. This will help any small business make a small business website quickly.

How To Create an Online Store (ecommerce) - EASY!

Published on 17 Apr 2012

How to create an ecommerce online store using wordpress. Make your online store stand out from the crowd by following this step by step video. With this video you will build your store in about 1 hour and it will be more professional than what most web developers will give you. This is also a online mobile website store.

How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Website And Make A Killing?

Uploaded on 31 Jan 2012 -- Can you really earn a full time living doing affiliate marketing using the Amazon affiliate program? In this video I show you exactly how to do it, and some of the pitfalls of getting Amazon Affiliate Websites wrong.